Really? Does this make common sense?

Cindy Chavez tatous that she has endorsements from several council members! Lets first start with the endorsement of Raul Peralez. After 8 years of running D3, Peralez has done nothing to curb the homeless encampments, trash and safety concerns.

Below find pictures of areas in D3 from 2010 through 2022 submitted by followers.

Aren’t we lucky that Cindy gets Peralez’s endorsement to keep more of the same for another 8 years with Cindy Chavez at the helm.

Taylor & Coleman Homeless Site

Homeless encampment at Taylor & Coleman (Mineta San Jose International Airport flight path).

Mayor Sam Liccardo was asked if Cindy Chavez was approached by San Jose City to help relocate the homeless population at Taylor and Coleman. Liccardo says,” We pushed on the county [Santa Clara County] to hold slots in their rapid rehousing program for the people there [Taylor & Coleman]. They [Cindy Chavez & Santa Clara county] helped only a little after we PRESSED them, but the [San Jose] city has pretty much been on its own since then. We are using our own quick-build facilities for the residents without much county help. San Jose City can’t event get county MENTAL HEALTH to respond there [Taylor & Coleman] with any frequency.”

According to, Cindy’s priorities include “…Mak[ing] sure that encampments are cleaned up compassionately and comprehensively, and not ignored and allowed to grow to the size of the one in the Mineta San Jose International Airport flight path that emerged in the past few years.”

Cindy makes it seem as though these problems just began and were out of her reach. COMMON SENSE only says, history will repeat itself unless we create a change.

Vote for a change today!