Opinion: Why is CA Legislature so spooked about pro-Prop 13 measure?

A painting shows a group of people sitting around a table.

Théodore Chassériau: Spectre de Banquo, 1855. Image in Public Domain The Legislature and Gov. Newsom’s panicked attempt to disqualify the Taxpayer Protection Act from 2024’s ballot only adds to Big Gov’t’s pattern of stifling democratic rights/processes, says the OC Register’s Jon Coupal. He goes on to argue that eliminating Prop 13 protections—which ensure that approving…

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☆ SJ BART extension makes less sense than ever

Image in Public Domain With news that VTA’s misbegotten plans to extend BART to downtown San Jose and Santa Clara have gotten (hold on to your seats) even more expensive than previous budget-busting estimates, Marc Joffe at the Cato Institute wonders anew if it’s time for a re-think on the whole project. Even the Merc…

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