Powerful PAC supports several San Jose candidates

Two men shaking hands in front of a courtroom.

by Joseph Geha (San Jose Spotlight) Newly-appointed District 10 San Jose Councilmember Arjun Batra shakes hands with Mayor Matt Mahan on Jan. 26, 2023. Photo by Jana Kadah. A political action committee that supports local pro-business candidates has announced its endorsements for next year’s San Jose City Council and mayoral elections. Silicon Valley Biz PAC is…

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Thriving TX homeless shelter a model contra disastrous Housing First doctrine, experts say

An apartment building with balconies and a fence.

Haven for Hope, a headline-making shelter located in San Antonio, serves 85% of the city’s homeless population, providing a bed and litany of social services to virtually anyone in need. CalMatters breaks down keys to the shelter’s overwhelming success: sobriety requirements, all-inclusive services (not just a place to sleep), and proximity to mental health and…

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☆ Reinventing Silicon Valley transit for the 21st century

A map showing the location of a cell tower in san francisco, california.

VTA stumbles forward to waste billions more on its misbegotten extension of BART to downtown SJ—and beyond. Randal O’Toole, transportation and land-use policy analyst for the Thoreau Institute, has another idea: how about a system based on actual usage patterns of Valley residents and a concern for speed, service, and efficiency? An Opp Now exclusive.…

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☆ Rise of the Rothschilds: A Legacy of Lessons

A painting of a castle with a lake in the background.

Image source: AI-driven art using Midjourney with prompts by Peter Verbica, 2023. Below, Peter Coe Verbica observes important lessons on managing money and relating to gov’t (take note, ‘24 city/county candidates). In this Opp Now exclusive, Verbica breaks down “The House of Rothschild,” which tells the story of Europe’s preeminent, elusive Ashkenazi Jewish finance family. “With money…

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Downtown San Jose’s 11 coolest murals, ranked

A colorful mural painted on the side of a building.

SJtoday takes us on a tour through the heart of DTSJ’s streets, highlighting the unique, vibrant, and culturally rich murals the Silicon Valley’s Capital has to offer. Below, take a break from local news and enjoy a tasting plate of SJ’s best art: celebrating cultures all over the globe, important figures like San Josean LGBTQ+…

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Opinion: SF’s missing the mark with so-called solutions to homelessness (part 2 of 3)

A painting shows people playing a game of croquet in a field.

David Teniers: The Archery Contest, 1645. Image by Wikimedia Commons You’ll never guess this one: it’s actually way more lucrative for City-funded nonprofits when homeless people stay homeless, points out formerly unhoused San Franciscan JConr Ortega. Below, Ortega’s analysis of the Homeless Industrial Complex—the gov’t/nonprofit entities that profit from homelessness, so long as it remains…

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☆ SJ housing expert: Builder’s remedy mitigates supply-side issues, bypasses “stupid” City demands

A row of houses.

Image in Public Domain Jerry Strangis, San Jose land use consultant since 1975, comments on the City’s attempt to get its Housing Element certified. Hand-wringing City officials worry—should the State reject their plan—developers will keep using the “builder’s remedy” loophole to avert zoning restrictions. Strangis praises SJ’s efforts toward a compliant Housing Element, while recognizing…

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Email Blast from Councilmember Bien Doan: San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Complex in District 7

Councilmember bien donan san jose district 7.

 WEBSITE  |  COUNCILMEMBER BIEN DOAN  |  MEET THE DISTRICT 7 TEAM  |  CONTACT  District 7 Residents, I have an exciting and pivotal development in our community to share with you!  A collaboration that holds immense promise for both the San Jose Earthquakes and the residents all over our city, especially in District 7. The city of San José, County of Santa…

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