The Last Days of Housing First?

A vivid painting depicting a dramatic sunset with dark stormy clouds over a desolate landscape scattered with broken branches and a solitary figure standing among the debris.

Albert Goodwin: Apocalypse. Image by Wikimedia Commons Regular readers of Opp Now have noticed that SJ’s Housing First orthodoxy—in which the solution to basically all civic problems is new, free, subsidized, no-barrier housing costing $1m/unit—is finally giving way to saner, faster, more efficient interim shelter solutions. It’s even happening at the statewide level, reports the…

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How modern economic debate completely misses the role of surprise and creativity

Two men standing in an office, one holding papers and a coffee cup, discussing something, with sports equipment and a mini basketball hoop in the background.

Image from Moneyball (2011) Modern progressives misunderstand what makes capitalism work, entrapped as they are in a worldview that suggests only greed can drive the sort of developments that have lifted the world out of eons of abject poverty. George Gilder, in a seminal National Review piece, posits that what makes capitalism deliver—for all—is its ability…

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L.A./Austin case study: Clearing street encampments reduces violent crimes, homeless deaths

A cluttered illegal dumpsite in a forest with scattered debris including plastic containers, tarpaulins, and construction materials.

Critics like SJ’s Assemblymember Ash Kalra claim Newsom’s CARE Court initiative and local encampment restrictions harm an already vulnerable, stigmatized community. But Reason magazine asserts that helping people off the street and into shelter actually lowers violence involving homeless folks, and cities’ violent crime overall. Below, Reason’s data analysis of two big cities. A recent…

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